Securi-Guard honours 40 years service of two key staff members

(L-R) Colin Wicks, Kim Precious and Pete Stanley

(L-R) Colin Wicks, Kim Precious and Pete Stanley

There was a double celebration at Securi-Guard Fire and Security / Securi-Guard Monitoring as two senior members of staff marked a combined service to the company of more than 40 years.

Head of Telematics Pete Stanley and Colin Wicks, the company’s Health and Safety/Training Manager, were guests of honour at a celebratory lunch prior to the festive break, where they were each presented with a watch to mark their achievement.

Kim Precious, a Company Director at Securi-Guard, said the company was delighted to recognise the long service of two of its key staff members.

“Both Pete and Colin are prime examples of the dedication and commitment that we enjoy here – and they each have the kind of level of knowledge and experience that makes such a difference to the operational side of the business,” said Kim.

“We are extremely fortunate here at Securi-Guard to have a very loyal workforce, with many of our staff related through family or marriage. It makes us a real family company in every sense.”

Pete and Colin also have family connections at the company. Pete’s daughter Kirsty Stanley has been with Securi-Guard since 2000 and works as an Alarm Receiving Centre Operator, as does Colin’s son Danny, who joined in 2007.

Both Pete and Colin currently hold senior positions at Securi-Guard, the South West’s largest independent fire and security specialist. Pete oversees Securi-Guard’s UK and European Vehicle Tracking (VT) and Lone Worker (LW) tracking services, while Colin is responsible for staff training needs and health and safety issues.

Pete joined Securi-Guard in April 1992 after a career in the Navy and has held several roles, including static security on numerous sites in Plymouth as well as a Control Room Shift Operator, Shift Supervisor and Manager of the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

Highlights include rubbing shoulders with celebrities during guarding duties at film and TV production sets on the moors – and trying to locate what was believed to be a cat loose in a school setting off alarms.

“I have been fortunate to have worked in a very diverse range of roles, which has given me a wide knowledge of Securi-Guard’s many functions as a leading fire and security business,” said Pete.

Colin started his Securi-Guard career in the July of1992 with a 12 hour guarding shift at Plymouth’s Rendle Street flats and since then has also taken on a variety of roles, including Mobile Patrols, Control Room Supervisor and Deputy Operations Manager.

“I remember that first shift very well. It was 12 hours, but it seemed like 12 days,” said Colin.

“Over the years, I have worked on some great sites with some great people and have been lucky enough to have had a number of achievements during my career.

The achievements include a letter from the Chief Constable for catching a burglar, following a chase at a car parts department, and one from a college principal after he stopped a student from committing suicide.


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