SecureWaters’ unique Water Security Sensor gets nominated for the Katerva Award

secure-watersThe AquaSentinel from SecureWaters is one of the finalists for the Katerva Award. The AquaSentinel, a water security and toxicity sensor, is selected in this third-annual awards on the field of sustainability.

Clean water is a critical building block for any population, relative particularly to drinking water, agriculture, industry and the environment. The ability to reliably provide clean and safe water supplies in each of these areas is often put at risk as a result of natural disasters, environmental variability, and accidental or intentional releases of toxic contaminants.

Where most of the existing technology is unable to measure water conditions continuously, or to provide real-time alerts – two key aspects of any ideal monitoring system that will support the needed timely response or remediation – the AquaSentinel water toxicity monitor provides autonomous, continuous, real-time monitoring of surface waters. This without the use of consumables or chemical reagents, while also requiring no human interaction.

The Aqua enables an intelligent response to critical situations which will result in time saved, money saved and ultimately lives saved. It focuses towards the unmet demands of a $5 billion global water security and monitoring market as well as the concerned public which desires real-time details about the water resources in their communities.

“Our passion is to quantify the health of water and make that information accessible to everyone. Back in 2011, we created a device connecting nature with technology. We listen to, and translate, what biological processes are telling us. Being a finalist in an award competition that is highly respected worldwide, is a great recognition.” Ray Slatton, CEO SecureWaters.

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