Secure your premises with TI Security Ltd

Secure your premises with TI Security Ltd

TI Security Ltd is one of the leading installers, maintainers and integrators of security solutions for commercial clients of all sizes across the UK. TI Security offers everything for perimeter security in the form of Gates, Barriers, Turnstiles and Roadblockers, to on-site security such as CCTV systems, Access Control, Fire Alarms and Intruder Alarms. All of these systems can be monitored and all of the systems can be integrated to provide a secure solution for the client’s needs.

TI’s skilled and friendly team is always on hand to assist with enquiries and will help with identifying customer’s current security issues and the best course of action to resolve the issues. TI Security’s systems focus on improving whole site security to protect staff and to prevent unauthorised access from outsiders – something that is particularly important on large commercial and industrial sites. TI Security work closely with a number of large corporations to provide them with a security system that offers a virtually management free and reliable system to keep their premises safe.


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