Secure Logiq Supporting Growth with Crowdfunding Initiative

Since its rebrand in February 2014 things have really taken off for Secure Logiq. As the company rapidly expands demand is starting to outstrip supply. So, Secure Logiq’s dedicated team has set about securing funding to ensure it can continue to lead the industry in providing much needed storage solutions to the video security market – settling on a crowdfunding initiative that is aiming to reach £450,000.

“Crowdfunding is one of the key buzzwords when looking into ways of funding business endeavours at the moment,” said Hamish Johnson, Co-Founder and Executive Director, “and the more we looked into crowd funding the more we realised how closely the process fitted our own ethos and our goals.”

It would seem that everything is falling into place for Secure Logiq, and the innovative team has every reason to be optimistic about this venture and, according to Robin Hughes, Sales Director, “the market is ripe for the picking”. As HD CCTV gathers pace and becomes more widely used it’s becoming clear just how labour intensive and costly it is to record HD footage.

“The cameras and video monitoring systems available on the market are becoming increasingly tailored to the specific requirements of high definition, but storage servers seem to have been overlooked – that’s where we come in,” said Hughes. “Servers are the weak link in the chain, and we’ve spent about three years in research and development creating a server that is ideally suited for the needs of the security market, and the industry has been very excited by our product.”

Since it’s appearance at IFSEC this year, Hughes explained that interest in Secure Logiq’s solutions has been gathering pace quickly. Stuart Gilbert, Secure Logiq’s new Managing Director, explained why.

“We’re providing the missing piece of the HD surveillance jigsaw,” he said. “HD surveillence is providing solutions that have a ‘too good to be true’ element about them, but thus far the industry as a whole has not been paying attention to servers. Using storage solutions that are just ‘okay’ is not suitable anymore and the feedback that we’ve been getting is that now is the time. Two years ago I don’t think Secure Logiq’s solution would have taken off so well, but now the industry is realising how much storage HD footage burns through and is aware of the need for a tailored solution.”

So why crowdfunding?

“This is a unique initiative in the security sector,” said Gilbert. “There have been some smaller campaigns for start ups, but offering people the chance to invest in an established company through crowdfunding is something a bit different. We want to give people a chance to be part of our growth, and crowdfunding, as a government backed enterprise, offers some great benefits for investors, such as tax breaks and reduced risk should Secure Logiq fail – which it won’t!”

Between them the Secure Logiq management team have 60 years experience in the security industry. Not only has this contributed to the development of a much needed service, it means that between them they have plenty of contacts already lining up to support this developing company.

“Before we launched the initiative we put some feelers out, perhaps touching about 5 per cent of our combined contacts,” said Hughes, “and we’ve already had a verbal commitment to about 50% of our target amount.”

It’s clear that the industry is ready for the product these innovative gentlemen are offering, and opening up investment opportunities through crowdfunding demonstrates the forward thinking nature at the core of this company.

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