Seagate SkyHawk™: Your Surveillance Storage Solution

Seagate SkyHawk™: Your Surveillance Storage Solution

Seagate SkyHawk™: Your Surveillance Storage Solution

Security remains a top player in IT priorities, with advanced security solutions considered of great importance to current and future business practices. As is known to many, keeping pace with stronger and smarter IT threats presents a challenge to both hardware and software architectural approaches. Forecasting your business needs also presents a challenge and requires an ability to scale your technology quickly and cost-effectively.

When it comes to securing against physical vulnerabilities, today’s most common solution is to install surveillance cameras in business premises as a deterrent and an extra pair of eyes. Video surveillance as a security trend continues to grow throughout 2017, as well as expanding into the retail and traffic management applications. Industry analyst IHS predicts that by 2019, more than 3.3 trillion hours of surveillance video will be captured daily. They have also observed a behavioural changes in how data is stored. Surveillance footage is often retained for longer periods of time to aid with activities such as law enforcement, advance analytics in retail environments and more recently, deep learning and AI to understand patterns and trends.

The conclusion to be drawn from this behaviour is that surveillance solutions are no longer being sought to solely protect people and property. Instead, the ability to utilise highly-sophisticated video analytics applications means that video-based data can yield greater financial returns and influence better business decisions. To support these analytical functions, video must be retained and kept safe for longer periods of time.

The adoption of cameras with wider panoramas, higher resolutions and more sensors is another trend which has continued to accelerate in 2017. With this technological advancement comes the expectation that greater surveillance capabilities - compression, streaming, storage and analytics - are inclusive of DVR solutions to help facilitate the additional influx of graphically-rich data.

Addressing the modern requirements of the IT industry is no easy task. Nevertheless, Seagate work alongside surveillance specialists to understand and address the current and upcoming trends; helping to keep your business needs at the core of your surveillance solutions. More specifically, Seagate’s family of SkyHawk Surveillance hard drives are designed to be that added peace of mind sitting inside your DVR or NVR. With capacities ranging from 2TB to 10TB, the need for a scalable and manageable data storage are met. Each surveillance drive is purposively tuned for 24x7 workloads, supporting up to 64 HD cameras with minimised dropped frames and downtime thanks to the optimised workload rating - 3x that of a desktop drive! What’s more, SkyHawk promises clear video streaming with its innovative ImagePerfect firmware, perfect for when you need to playback your footage. The drives are NVR ready and RAID-optimised, with low power consumption and a robust design specific for multi-drive environments, improving long-term drive reliability.

In addition to installing the latest technology into their drives, Seagate believe that the safety of your data is as important as the safety of your premises. To ensure that the footage your cameras capture remains safe, Seagate offer a 3-year +Rescue Data Recovery Service plan to help keep you prepared against the unthinkable. Leading the industry in data recovery with a 90% success rate, this additional plan ensures a formidable layer of protection for your business. This means you can spend less time worrying and more time using your surveillance data to evolve your business. It’s your business, you choose your DVR security solution, isn’t it worth asking the question what drive is protecting your data? We’d recommend SkyHawk.

Cover your premises.

Cover your back.

SkyHawk Surveillance.

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