Seagate SkyHawk Drives. The solution for Rasilient Systems

Seagate SkyHawk Drives. The solution for Rasilient Systems

Seagate SkyHawk Drives. The solution for Rasilient Systems

One of the key problems with IP surveillance systems is dropped frames; gaps in video surveillance data can have grave consequences for individuals, and could cost a company unmeasurable financial and reputational damages. A common response is often to try and troubleshoot the problem within the parameters of existing systems.

This usually means adding additional recording servers and limiting the burden on NVRs with less-advanced, lower-resolution cameras. Unfortunately, this solution is not only difficult to scale, it produces low quality images and eventually becomes financially prohibitive making it, at best, a temporary fix.

This is where Rasilient Systems and SkyHawk surveillance drives step in.

Rasilient – a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of purpose-based surveillance recording servers and storage systems –have been a big player in the video surveillance market for over 15 years. Over this time they have developed a patented NFD (no frame drop) technology to remove recording gaps and help drives self-heal. However, even with this technology to hand, for a long time they struggled to find a suitable surveillance-dedicated drive for 24/7 recording. As the surveillance market evolved, data storage technology developed considerably, becoming far more specialised as it focused on industry needs. The introduction of surveillance-specific drives was a breath of fresh air to Rasilient, who have since implemented Seagate SkyHawk drives into their systems - packing twice the punch of an average desktop drive and storage solution.

In the words of Bing Wan, Director, Middle East Operations at Rasilient Systems:

͚'The biggest reason we chose Seagate was their reliability and the support we were getting during the qualification process. It allowed us to lower the total cost of ownership and achieve great performance in largescale deployments. After switching to Seagate we have lower disk failure rates and we also achieved a remarkable NFD during our solution partner certification with Milestone Systems Xprotect VMS'.

Whilst putting SkyHawk through their qualification process, Rasilient had 1,000 2-MO simulated cameras streaming for 72 hours at 25 FPS at HD quality.

'To make the test even harder and stress test the system even more, we increased the recording bandwidth to 2.1 GB/s. In the meantime, we simulated a disk failure by pulling a drive out of a live system, and again, no frame was dropped.SkyHawk is definitely a contributing factor to this success.'

The reliability and performance of SkyHawk paired with Rasilient’s flexible, powerful system design has been successfully deployed in the following projects:

• Abu Dhabi’s Central market, which entailed 2,200 cameras and 3200TB of storage,
• Imam Hussein Shrine in Iraq which has 1,230 cameras and 4000TB worth of footage monitoring over 30million visitors annually
• Levi’s Stadium in Northern California’s Bay Area right before the 50th Super Bowl; which recorded over 22TB of video surveillance in a single day

The success of these deployments reinforce the importance of recognising the five core factors when designing a video surveillance system: Purpose, environment, behaviour, data capture and recall.

Naturally, the final two stages of the process are critical – capturing, storing and retrieving the video recordings. Without reliable video storage, a surveillance system will simply unravel. Matt Rutledge, Senior Vice President Client HDD at Seagate Technology, explains that storage ‘allows the recordings, analytics and alerts to ease the job of event security and management’. In short, investing in the right surveillance storage means you can spend more time focusing on the action and less time on your surveillance drives.

The combination of expertise and dedication to surveillance seen in SkyHawk drives and Rasilient’s video surveillance system solutions is what makes this partnership a cost-effective, reliable and safe choice for mission critical projects where loss of video is not an option.

Rasilient will be a featured partner on Seagate’s stand at IFSEC this year, demonstrating how their surveillance solutions are enhanced with the addition of SkyHawk drives. Just look out for the giant SkyHawk on the day to find out more. You could even win yourself a £5,000 holiday!

You can learn more about SkyHawk surveillance here.

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