Schneider Electric unveils latest Esprit SE IP system

The Esprit SE IP Integrated PTZ camera system from Schneider Electric, offers new high-tech, high-performance video surveillance benefits for security resellers, dealers, installers, and end-users.

Schneider Electric announced the release and availability of its all-new Pelco Esprit® SE IP Integrated PTZ Camera System including both standard and pressurized models for video surveillance and IP network connectivity. Built upon the Esprit SE positioning system platform, the system now features dynamic window blanking, auto tracking, internal scheduling clock, electronic image stabilization, and multilanguage menus – all formerly reserved only for high-speed domes.

Designed and built for continuous use featuring an integrated camera and lens, pan-and-tilt unit, multiprotocol receiver, and Sarix-based H.264 encoder, Esprit SE IP offers dynamic remote positioning capabilities and is capable of remaining completely operational in up to 90 mile-per-hour wind conditions. The industry-leading integrated system offers responsive, high-speed positioning capabilities, fully configurable video streaming, easy browser-based set-up, outstanding weather protection, and a level of aesthetics and ease-of-installation that remains unmatched in the video security market.

Additional features of the Esprit SE IP system include:

•             Connectivity and monitoring: With the ability to control and monitor video over IP networks, Esprit SE IP offers H.264, MPEG-4, and MJPEG compression.

•             Smart Compliance: System meets global IP physical standard, and ONVIF compliance.

•             Flexibility: Features an encoder, receiver, pan/tilt, and enclosure with integrated optics package (IOP), or pressurized integrated optics cartridge (IOC), NTSC/PAL and a tilt range of +36° to –85° from Horizontal for optimal visual surveillance. It also has an on-screen compass and tilt display to track the angle of the picture.

•             Durability, especially in extreme weather:  Operational in wind speeds of up to 90 mph and can withstand wind speeds of up to 130 mph. Features an integrated window wiper that does not interfere with the viewing range, along with a built-in heater that defrosts and defogs the window and also serves as a sun shroud and insulation blanket.

  • Simplified Maintenance: Designed for minimal maintenance with no gears to adjust and the system’s IOC contains dry nitrogen pressurized to 10 psi, which protects the environment inside the cartridge, eliminating internal condensation or corrosion.

“Pelco by Schneider Electric products are long respected for being innovative, well-built, and reliable,” said Charlie Shilling, product manager, Schneider Electric. “Building off this strong foundation, we realize our customers are demanding open IP-based solutions to meet their evolving security needs. We’re addressing the high-performance, environmental PTZ requirement with the Esprit SE IP system.”

With its Pelco video portfolio, Schneider Electric is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of video security systems. The Schneider Electric Esprit SE IP series PTZ cameras offer high-quality video in any direction featuring a 36x optical zoom, an ideal security camera for any system.

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