Savvy Specifiers Switch to SMARTair


ASSA ABLOY SMARTairASSA’s SMARTair™ wireless access control system is proving to be a popular choice for specfiers, providing cost effective door management without the associated complexity.

ASSA, part of ASSA ABLOY Security Solutions, is helping to centralise security systems through SMARTair™, allowing administrators to easily grant access or block user proximity credentials for lost or stolen cards etc.

SMARTair™ is fully scalable meeting access control requirements for any size of building, making it an ideal solution for the healthcare sector, heritage properties, education, multi-residential complexes and public buildings where a degree of access management is required.

ASSA has recently announced updates to the range with the introduction of the SMARTair™ Knob Cylinder Double reader version. The double reader version of the euro profile cylinder will allow the use of a RFID card or tag to both enter and exit a door. Available in all SMARTair™ reading technologies, the new version is easily integrated into existing SMARTair™ access control systems.

With no need for wiring, thanks to the various communication technologies available between the reader and administration software, the bolt-on SMARTair™ unit is supplied in a handy kit form and can easily be installed onto virtually any mechanical door.

Users can carry RFID cards, tags, or bracelets enabling one user credential to open as many or few SMARTair™ locks as required, providing easy access for employees as well as facilities managers.

Using standard batteries, rather than a mains power connection, SMARTair™ locks are quick to install and maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.

Nojmol Islam, New Technology Cateogory Manager for ASSA ABLOY Security Solutions, said: “SMARTair™ has always been a very popular product, it allows organisations of any size to extend, upgrade or replace their mechanical masterkey system, upgrading their security and management of access requirements, whilst keeping costs down.

“The system makes it easy to integrate every lock into one single, secure access system, even incorporating lifts, vending machines and lockers across multiple sites, a number of administrators have told us how much easier managing security has been for them, since installing SMARTair™. The double reader version adds an extra dimension of flexibility and security for uesrs and building owners.”

For further information about the SMARTair™ access control system, you can download our whitepaper ‘How can access control systems improve security and reduce costs?’.

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