Sapphire partners with Trusted Knight to provide Web Security

Sapphire partners with Trusted Knight to provide Web Security

Sapphire partners with Trusted Knight to provide Web Security

Sapphire announced a new partnership with data security experts Trusted Knight following their recent acquisition of the web security company Sentrix.

Through the acquisition Trusted Knight will provide the Sentrix Cloud-DMZ web application security. Unlike traditional web application firewalls that inspect all incoming traffic, Cloud-DMZ creates a cloud based replica of the original site that contains no vulnerabilities – eliminating 99% of the attack surface. This, together with the rest of the Trusted Knight portfolio, provides a modern approach to network and application security.

The Cloud-DMZ architecture addresses traditional web security shortcomings by eliminating false-positives, automating security, accelerating deployment time, greatly reducing overhead and simplifying management. With the recent high-profile exploits using a variety of attack techniques, including cross-site scripting and ransomware, a smarter way to protect web applications is top-of-mind for most businesses and Cloud-DMZ can offer truely revolutionary web application security.

Annabel Berry, CEO at Sapphire commented:

“Partnering with Trusted Knight enables us to bring a robust web security solution to our customers. Combining the Sentrix Cloud-DMZ with the strengths from their security portfolio coupled with Sapphire’s experience in this arena is a compelling proposition.”

Joseph Patanella, Chief Executive Officer at Trusted Knight added:

“Sapphire has established itself as a trusted security partner over the last 20 years for many organisations across the UK financial sector and FTSE 100. Our partnership will enable Trusted Knight to grow our presence in the UK by providing a unique approach to defeating modern crimeware.”

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