Sapphire offers new Application Security Training Platform Codebashing

Sapphire offers new Application Security Training Platform Codebashing

Sapphire offers new Application Security Training Platform Codebashing

Sapphire, Trusted Security Partner, today announced its partnership with Codebashing. Their platform enables businesses to train, refresh and validate software development teams’ Application Security and Secure Coding knowledge.

With no tools to install and no lab environment required, Codebashing asks developers to learn by playing gamified training modules. Its management features also allow your business manage and measure the effectiveness of the training within your organisation.

“Over 98 percent of applications are vulnerable, attackers are aware of this and see them as an easy target,” comments David Lannin, Director of Technology at Sapphire.

“What’s interesting about Codebashing is how it differentiates from other online training courses, allowing developers to play and interact with live vulnerable applications.”

John Yeo, CEO of Codebashing said:

“We’re very pleased to have formed an alliance with one of the UK’s leading Trusted Security Partners, expanding the reach of our innovative and highly interactive platform. Data breaches aren’t going away, and now more than ever it is imperative for businesses that produce software to ensure they’ve trained their Software Development and DevOps groups on the principles of application security.”

Sapphire has an outstanding pedigree within information security, having successfully provided practical workable solutions and consultancy since 1996 across a broad range of market sectors. Sapphire’s expertise and longevity in the IT security market makes it one of the leading independent security high value-added resellers in the UK, delivering a diverse range of security solutions to an ever-growing list of clients. The high number of repeat clients and ability to operate across all levels of enterprise environments secures their position as a ‘Trusted Security Partner’.

Codebashing is a privately held e-Learning business headquartered in London, UK. Our SaaS education technology platform is built specifically to teach and train software developers the principles of Application Security in a way that helps them to write more secure software. We achieve this through time-efficient, fun-to-play, and hands-on training modules that are highly engaging for both professional developers and software engineering students.  Our mission is to provide the developers of today and tomorrow with the know-how to write software and applications that are more resilient against hackers.

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