Sans Digital release new line of Video Asset Management appliances

sans digital

sans digital
Sans Digital, a leading provider of high performance storage subsystems, has released a new line of tower and rackmount appliances for media asset management and archiving.

The Sans Digital VAM product line specifically handles professional and organizations that are struggling with data storage of their video, audio, and still images. Now with additional features such as video logging, export decision list and metadata editing for users can further take control of their media content. Built on the industry proven Sans Digital NAS, the new Sans Digital VAM VA003-6E tower and VA308-8E rackmount appliance give the users the total digital media archiving, storage management and media management solution.

The latest feature included in the Sans Digital’s VAM product line is the ability to log text into any point of a video. If a video has a high shooting ratio it can be very unrealistic to remember precisely where each shot is on each source tape or source file. Searching for a particular scene, dialogue, etc through hours of video during post-production or editing can be overwhelming and time-consuming, as well as tie up expensive editing equipment and editors’ time. A solution widely employed in the professional industry is to log the content prior to editing. Loggers go through the source video material, labeling it according to its contents with metadata. This data is then available during editing, making the editing more efficient. Software based logging systems allow clip lists to be imported directly into computer based editing systems. Creating video associated logging entries for specific clips allows a user to add and save notes about the content of the video that is being viewed. These notes are turned into logs which are grouped together and associated with the selected video. Each log can be saved as a simple text file that can be used and viewed even if the Media Viewer is not available. Multiple users are able to work on a project and save all of the work together in a single location. Once logs have been created, they become searchable content and can be entered as search criteria in the main Sans Digital VAM search tab. Once the video is identify and ready for export, user can now save the export decision list, or EDL file. Instead of export a low resolution proxy files for transfer to different location, EDL is a very small, XML based files for e-mail or transfer. The user received the EDL file can load back the Sans Digital VAM for immediate export for high resolution original.

The Sans Digital VAM’s capability to search, preview, and re-purpose all forms of digital media, brings quick access to needed content even through enormous amounts of data. This is achieved by using the built-in VAM software which helps to create a low-resolution proxy for users and allows them to quickly and easily preview and search entire catalogs of video, audio, and still images. Cross-platform ability allows Sans Digital’s VAM tower and rackmounts to support both Mac and PC environments as well as cross-application support for Avid, Final Cut Pro, Premier, and other video editing suites, allows for over-arching management of all video assets. Sans Digital VAM plug-and-play appliance is the complete solution supporting all forms of digital media with expanded video management functionality. The combination of Sans Digital hard drives based storage, build-in LTO tape and the intuitive Video Content Management software, delivers the complete video content management system in an all-in-one appliance. As your data increases over time, Sans Digital VAM are able to easily scale up and can be combined within a network to provide pay-as-you-grow system for use in any sized organization.

“To help support users with their ever expanding growth in video data, the new Sans Digital VAM tower and rackmounts solution delivers a complete data storage and archiving management in a single plug-and-play appliance,” stated Stanley Chan, Director of Business Development, Sans Digital. “Based on the industry proven Sans Digital hardware and new intuitive easy-to-use interface and total cost of ownership savings in hardware and software and these new appliances can deliver a quality video archive and management experience where it matters most.”

Sans Digital VAM VA003-6E
This plug-and-play desktop cube appliance is a 4-terabyte RAID5 with one integrated LTO5 drive for a multi-tiered storage solution. Built on an Intel Intel® Core™ i5 processor this appliance delivers ultimate performance as a content management storage device. Optional LTO-6 upgrade is available.

Sans Digital VAM VA308-8E
Sans = This standard 3U rackmount solution with 8-terabyte RAID5 and one integrated LTO5 drive (optional second LTO drive available) provides a complete multi-tiered digital media storage solution. Built on an Intel® Xeon™ processor this appliance delivers outstanding performance as a content management storage device. Optional LTO-6 upgrade is available.



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