Sans Digital launches TowerRAID 6G series enclosures

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Sans Digital have launched the fastest 6G eSATA port multiplier (PM) RAID enclosure in the world. Currently, eSATA PM today can only support 6G SATAIII hard drives but hardware limitation will make it perform at 3G speed.

The newly designed Sans Digital TowerRAID 6G series enclosures, TR4M6G, TR5M6G, and TR8M6G, with bundled PCIe 2.0 x4 RAID controller card, is the first ever eSATA PM 6G RAID device able to achieve speeds of up to 700 MB/s using real-time benchmarking tools, successfully doubling the performance of previous 3G PM product line, and current eSATA RAID devices in the market today.

The latest Sans Digital PM eSATA bundle solution is perfect solution for users looking for high-speed performance without the high costs compared to SAS or ThunderBolt enclosures. With a newly designed 6G eSATA PM hard drive backplane together with the RocketRAID 642 6G RAID card with PCIe 2.0 x4 bandwidth, the new Sans Digital 6G PM eSATA TowerRAID enclosures provides users with a complete scalable solution of up to five hard drives per eSATA port for a total of ten hard drives in either RAID 0,1,3,5, or JBOD. All Sans Digital eSATA PM 6G solutions come standard with all necessary components to get you started, including RAID controller, JBOD eSATA 6G enclosure and all the necessary cables and software (hard drives can be purchased separately). The Sans Digital flexibility allows users to purchase solutions with hard drives or purchase the standard diskless solution and add your own hard drives. Regardless of how small or large your organisation might be, Sans Digital truly offers a solution for all your 6G
eSATA needs.

The new Sans Digital 6G eSATA PM series is an ideal upgrade for current generation 3G eSATA PM RAID controllers or users looking for an upgrade from eSATA, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, or FW800 connections who need fast speeds for storage extensive applications. Current owners of the PM eSATA TowerRAID+ models using the RR622 RAID card, will be able to upgrade their storage devices without the need to reformat their current RAID
configurations providing an easy upgrade solution for faster data transfers. Support from RAID 0, 1, 5, and JBOD, RAID recovery and storage maintenance features provide an unprecedented level of reliability.

In addition to RAID protection, RocketRAID 642 Online Capacity Expansion (OCE) to further provide the user with flexibility to add more hard drives to an already existing RAID set. With many features and high speed performance, the new TowerRAID 6G eSATA PM is a true cost effective solution for simple backup and drive capacity increase for most computer systems.

“Port multiplier storage is a proven technology and has been in market for more than 4 year. New 6G port multiplier provide a performance boast to existing models,” said Stanley Chan, Director of Business, Sans Digital. “With widely available 6G hard drives, along with this 6G backpane and 6G RAID controller, customer are finally unlock the true performance of 6G storage.”

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Pricing and Availability

Sans Digital TowerRAID 6G PM eSATA solutions are available now and is backed by 1-year limited hardware warranty. Available models include the 8-bay towers the TowerRAID TR8M6G, 5-bay TR5M6G, and the 4-bay TR4M6G. Please contact for more details.

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