SANS DFIR Prague 2015 to debut new Cyber Threat Intelligence course

SANS Digital Forensics summit and training event will return to Prague this October with its largest line up to date. SANS Digital Forensics, Incident Response Prague 2015 (DFIR) starts with a one-day summit on Sunday 11th October, consisting of industry talks and presentations from an expert panel. The rest of the two week event will see attendees take part in 8 courses and a DFIR edition of SANS’ NetWars tournament.

DFIR Prague 2015 will also debut the new SANS FOR578: Cyber Threat Intelligence course.

During a targeted attack, an organisation needs a top-notch and cutting-edge incident response armed with the critical intelligence necessary to understand how adversaries operate and to combat the threat.

FOR578: Cyber Threat Intelligence offers training to help teams detect, scope, and select resilient courses of action in response to such intrusions and data breaches.

As course co-author and SANS instructor Robert M. Lee explains, “When considering the value of threat intelligence, most individuals and organisations ask themselves three questions: What is threat intelligence? When am I ready for it? How do I use it? This class answers these questions and more at a critical point in the development of the field of threat intelligence in the wider community.”

DFIR Prague 2015 will also offer the following SANS DFIR courses:

FOR408: Windows Forensic Analysis with Rob Lee

FOR508: Advanced Digital Forensics and Incident Response with Jess Garcia

FOR518: Mac Forensic Analysis with Sarah Edwards

FOR526: Memory Forensics In-Depth with Alissa Torres

FOR572: Advanced Network Forensics and Analysis with Philip Hagen

FOR585: Advanced Smartphone Forensics with Cindy Murphy

FOR610: Reverse-Engineering Malware: Malware Analysis Tools and Techniques with Anuj Soni

Registration has opened and SANS is offering an “early bird” discount on any course booked by 2nd of September. For more information, see or email

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