Sandler Offers Training for International Market

sandler training

sandler trainingSandler provides training and consulting solutions for international market leading organisations and small- to medium-sized businesses through:

  • Sales and sales management training
  • Management and Leadership training for business owners and senior executives
  • Negotiations training
  • Customer Service training
  • Coaching and Mentoring

Sandler Training relies on the combination of our innovative, non-traditional selling system, plus reinforcement training, to create lasting performance improvement rather than the motivational “quick fix” typical of many seminar-based training efforts. Quality support materials, access to ongoing training workshops, individual coaching sessions, plus 24/7 Sandler Online Internet reinforcement and accountability round out the Sandler training experience.

Sandler training provides the basic and advanced selling strategies and tactics needed to see improvement quickly, and then builds on that foundation through reinforcement training to help our clients develop the attitudes and implement the behaviours necessary to reach the highest levels of long-term success.

The power of reinforcement training is Sandler’s key point of difference from all other training in the marketplace. We know that substantive change and lasting performance improvement cannot occur from a ‘quick-fix’ one-day seminar. Sustained and meaningful change requires understanding and implementing a complex set of human attitudes, behaviours and selling or leadership techniques; we produce lasting results through the use of participatory and recurring training and strategic business development programs.

Through ongoing support and follow-up sessions, Sandler Training helps sales professionals and management executives fulfil personal and organisational goals, from initial hiring decisions to performance evaluations, from building and executing strategic sales plans to motivating people to achieve them, from understanding information technologies to tailoring these powerful tools to support clients’ specific opportunities.

David H. Sandler developed the Sandler Selling System® methodology, an innovative, non-traditional selling system, in the late 1960s, and created the concept of ‘reinforcement training’ to support it. From that foundation, he went on to create a series of proven sales training programs for small- and mid-sized companies and Fortune 500 corporations, and founded the Sandler Sales Institute®.

We changed our name to Sandler Training in 2008, to more accurately reflect the diversity of our training offerings, which have expanded beyond sales training to include management, leadership, negotiating skills, customer service, as well as executive coaching and mentoring. We’ve grown into an organisation that dominates the global training market, with more than 200 offices worldwide, providing instruction in 27 languages.

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