Samsung’s dome cameras pass environment test

Samsung SNP-3370TH dome camera
Samsung SNP-3370TH dome camera

Samsung SNP-3370TH dome camera

Samsung has carried out tests on its external dome cameras to ensure they can withstand exposure to saltwater when they are deployed as part of a Port’s video surveillance system or are used for other security projects located close to the sea.

All Samsung SNP and SNV IP network domes, as well as the SCP and SCV analogue models, have successfully met the internationally accepted KS C 0223 Environment Test Specification, as have Samsung’s external thermal imaging cameras and SHB-4300 housings.

“The purpose of test is to verify that electronic items are resistant to the corrosive effects of seawater,” said Peter Ainsworth, Senior Product Manager for Samsung Techwin Europe Ltd. “External cases, internal metal parts, screws and connectors have all been tested to verify that each of the camera domes are built to a standard which is sufficiently robust to cope with demanding coastal environmental conditions”

The test involved placing each dome camera in a saltwater tank for 24 days and subjecting them to sprays of water at varying temperatures and humidity.


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