Samsung’s access control management software SAMS gets an update

Samsung access control
Samsung access control

Samsung access control

Samsung has updated its SAMS access control management software with the addition of a number of user and installer friendly features.

Available license-free for projects with up to 1000 users and 40 doors (up to 80 readers), SAMS now has a Muster reporting feature which can be configured to produce a report as to who is on site at any given moment, as well as automatically generate a list in the event of a fire alarm activation.

Also included in the latest version of SAMS is an ID badge production facility. In addition to static text and a company logo, this new feature also allows the addition of dynamic database fields.

SAMS software is now fully compatible with the Samsung SRN-3250 and SRN-6450 NVRs as well as Samsung’s SRD series of DVRs, ensuring that high quality recorded images are always time synchronised with related access control alarm events. “This feature may not at first glance seem be very important. For many years however, users have suffered the frustration of finding that the video they have retrieved from a video recorder relates to an event that may have occurred several seconds or even minutes before or after the actual event they wished to view,” said David Cawley, Access Control and Home Security Products Manager for Samsung Techwin Europe Limited.

Additional SAMS’ features include an improved Wizard for searching and selecting connected devices, and a higher level of Logic processing for adding new card holders.

SAMS allows full administration of an access control system and can provide detailed reports on card holder activity which can be exported in Excel or text form for integration with other software packages, e.g. time & attendance, ERP or payroll.

Samsung’s RFID and biometric technology based access control systems collectively provide a cost effective solution for any access control application from single door up to 28,000 doors with a choice of reader technologies which encompass fingerprint recognition, proximity and smart card & PIN, as well as time and attendance options.

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