Samsung Techwin Introduces Discreet Remote Head Camera

remote head camera

remote head cameraSamsung Techwin has introduced a 2MP Full HD remote head camera.

The discreet SNB-6010 has been designed for ATM and retail applications, but provides a highly effective solution for any video surveillance project where a small sized camera is required, including covert surveillance applications.

A key feature of the SNB-6010 is that its processing unit, which houses the camera’s DSP chipset and Ethernet connection, is supplied as a separate unit that can be installed in a secure location to prevent would be attackers from gaining access to video stored on an SD card.

The SNB-6010 can capture exceptional quality (1920 x 1080) images in real time when the lighting level is as low as 0.05 Lux. An enhanced Wide Dynamic Range feature, with performance greater than 120dB, enables the SNB-6010 to accurately produce images in scenes that simultaneously contain very bright and very dark areas. This can be particularly important when, for example, the camera may be looking out from a ‘hidden location’, whilst the camera’s Privacy zone masking feature can blank out sensitive areas, such as a pin code keypad, from being recorded.

The SNB-6010 provides the option of utilising Intelligent Video Analytics to detect activity by various means such as face detection, which can be especially important for covert surveillance applications, and ‘tampering’ which creates an alert if paint is sprayed on the camera’s lens or if there is unauthorised movement of the camera away from its usual field of view. Alternatively, advanced motion detection technology built into the SNB-6010, can greatly reduce the false alarm rate by learning what the normal motion of the scene is.

A multi-crop feature enables users to highlight and crop areas of interest in order for the camera to only send the images within that area at a preferred resolution and frame rate. This flexibility in the video’s resolution and frame rate enables the efficient use of the network’s bandwidth.


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