Samsung Techwin Expands WiseNetIII Network Camera Family


WiseNetIIISamsung Techwin has further expanded its highly popular WiseNetIII network camera range with the introduction of six new 3 megapixel models.

The new ONVIF compliant day/night network cameras and domes are all able to capture high quality colour images when lighting levels are as low as 0.1 Lux at an ultra fast frame rate of 30fps at 2048 x 1536P. They are designed for retail, education and healthcare applications as well as for any environment where evidence grade images are required, such as airports, ports car parks and other transport facilities.

“We can now offer a family of WiseNetIII 1.3, 2 and 3 megapixel network cameras and domes which collectively provide customers with the flexibility to specify the ideal high definition model to match the requirements of each individual camera location,” said Tim Biddulph, Product Manager for the security solution division of Samsung Techwin Europe Ltd. “We are confident that the outstanding quality of the images captured by the new 3 megapixel cameras will attract the attention of installers and systems integrators across Europe, whilst our high definition 1.3 and 2 megapixel models continue to offer outstanding value for applications where bandwidth limitations and storage requirements are important considerations, as well as image quality.”

All of the models in the new WiseNetIII 3 megapixel series utilise P-iris technology which optimises clarity and depth of field, whilst enhanced Wide Dynamic Range, which with performance greater than 120dB, overcomes the challenge of monitoring areas such as receptions or lobbies where there may be strong external lighting and large amounts of glass.

Utilising bandwidth friendly H.264 compression with the option to also use MJPEG compression, all of the models incorporate a multi-crop feature, enabling users to highlight and crop areas of interest in order for the camera to only send the images within that area at a preferred resolution and frame rate. A full overview, as well as multiple cropped images from the whole area, can if required, be transmitted simultaneously with this flexibility in the video’s resolution and frame rate, allowing a much smarter and efficient use of the available network bandwidth.

The new models are also equipped with Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) which can assist in the detection of activity by various means, such as face detection, tripwire and enter/exit direction, object appear/disappear and ‘tampering’, which creates an alert if paint is sprayed on a camera lens or there is unauthorised movement of a camera away from its usual field of view. Alternatively, the motion detection technology built into the WiseNetIII DSP chipset can greatly reduce the false alarm rate by learning what the normal motion of the scene is and ignoring, for example, the fluttering leaves of trees.

Other key features include Digital Image Stabilization (DIS), which negates the effects of vibration, and Defog which can be used to help improve the clarity of images captured in poor weather conditions such as rain, smoke or fog. A built-in SD/SDHC/SDXC memory slot provides the opportunity for authorised users to remotely access and download video that has been recorded onto a memory card.

“The introduction of the WiseNetIII 3MP series is a further response to our market research programme which identified what users and installers felt were the key ‘must haves’ in order for high definition IP network cameras to automatically become the preferred choice when a new video surveillance system was being specified, or an existing system was being upgraded,” said Tim Biddulph. “As such, they incorporate a long list of innovative features which reflect our commitment to seek continual improvement in Image Quality, Bandwidth Utilisation and Ease of Use – the ‘Three pillars’ of our development plan.”

The six models in the WiseNetIII network 3MP series are:

  • SNB-7004 – 3 megapixel network box camera
  • SNO-7084R – 3 megapixel network weather proof IR bullet camera
  • SND-7084 – 3 megapixel network dome camera
  • SND-7084R – 3 megapixel network IR dome camera
  • SNV-7084 – 3 megapixel vandal-resistant network dome camera
  • SNV-7084R – 3 megapixel vandal-resistant network IR dome camera


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