Samsung Techwin appoint Technology Partner Manager

Dan England samsung techwin

Dan England has been appointed Technology Partner Manager for the Security Solution division of Samsung Techwin Europe Ltd.

Dan will be working closely with Samsung Techwin’s Applications Partners and VMS developers to raise awareness of how Open Platform technology can provide users with significant added value from their video surveillance systems.

“As someone who has spent the last 16 years working for consultancies and companies involved in the design and installation of integrated solutions, I am very excited to have the opportunity to drive Samsung Techwin’s Technology Partner program,” said Dan. “The massive processing power of the DSP chipsets incorporated into latest generation of Samsung Techwin WiseNetIII high definition cameras has resulted in significant new business opportunities being generated for both the IT and security sales channels.

I am therefore looking forward to playing a part in implementing a strategy which encourages a wide range of third party software developers to take advantage of our Open Platform technology.”

Bespoke video surveillance solutions
The latest generation of Samsung Techwin WiseNetIII Open Platform cameras can claim to elevate video surveillance from being just a security system, to a smart solution that can deliver so much more.

Whilst most Open Platform cameras which are currently available can only run one Application, the processing power of Samsung Techwin’s WiseNetIII Platform DSP chipset provides customers with the option to run multiple Applications at the same time. Having the ability to utilise on-board Applications creates opportunities for cameras to be used for multi-tasking, with various departments within a business or organisation able to simultaneously collect and analyse valuable management information via different specialist video analytics Applications.


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