Samsung launches updated iPOLiS MOBILE app



A new version of the Samsung iPOLiS MOBILE app for use on iPhone and Android smartphones has been launched. The app provides improved access to Samsung cameras and DVRs, as well as enhanced live and playback options.

Version 2.0 of the free app can be downloaded from iTunes and the Android market. It allows users to remotely control the pan, tilt and zoom functions of the latest Samsung network cameras via an easy-to-use interface and is also compatible with the Samsung SRD series DVRs.  Set-up can be completed in less than a minute, after which users are able to view streamed video from their selected camera via a wireless or 3G network.

“The original version of this app has proved to be highly popular among customers who are looking to gain maximum benefit from their investment in a Samsung Video surveillance system,” said Peter Ainsworth, Senior Product Manager for Samsung Techwin Europe Ltd.  “Retail loss prevention managers who are not permanently based at one location, or in fact, any security manager who has responsibility for more than one site, can take advantage of the ability to remotely monitor live images of any suspicious activity or retrieve recorded video of any incident via their smartphone.


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