Samsung launches newest addition to WiseNetIII range

Samsung Techwin SND-6011R

Samsung Techwin have unveiled a new fixed lens IR dome camera as the latest addition to the WiseNetIII 2MP Full HD (1080P) network camera range.

The low price point of the SND-6011R makes it ideal for video surveillance projects, such as schools, hospitals, offices and retail stores where budgets may be restricted and yet there is a need to capture evidence grade images from a large number of cameras.

The SND-6011R joins nine other camera models that incorporate the WiseNetIII DSP chipset and have been developed by Samsung as a result of a market research programme which identified what users and installers felt were the key ‘must haves’ in order for high definition IP network cameras to automatically become the preferred choice when a new video surveillance system was being specified, or an existing system was being upgraded.

The ONVIF compliant SND-6011R, which is equipped with a 3.8mm fixed lens, is a true Day/Night camera with an infra-cut filter.  It is designed to capture high quality colour images at an ultra fast frame rate of 60fps at 1080p.  Objects up to 10 metres distance from the camera can be viewed even in total darkness with the help of built-in IR LEDs.

Utilising bandwidth friendly H.264 compression with the option to also use MJPEG compression, the SND-6011R incorporates a multi-crop feature enabling users to highlight and crop up to nine areas of interest in order for the camera to only send the images within that area at a preferred resolution and frame rate. A full overview as well as multiple cropped images from the whole area, can if required, be transmitted simultaneously with this flexibility in the video’s resolution and frame rate, allowing a much smarter and efficient use of the available network bandwidth.

Other key features include enhanced Wide Dynamic Range which with performance greater than 120dB makes the SND-6011R ideal for use, for example,  in reception areas or lobbys where there may be  strong external lighting and large amounts of glass. The SND-6011R also has a built-in SD/SDHC/SDXC memory slot which provides the opportunity  for authorised users to remotely access and download video that has been recorded onto a memory card.

The SND-6011R is also equipped with Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) which  can assist in the detection of  activity by various means, such as tripwire and enter/exit direction, object appear/disappear and ‘tampering’, which creates an alert if paint is sprayed on a camera lens or there is unauthorised movement of a camera away from its usual field of view. Alternatively, the motion detection technology built into the WiseNetIII DSP chipset can greatly reduce the false alarm rate by learning what is the normal motion of the scene and ignoring, for example, the fluttering leaves of trees.


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