Samsung introduces a scalable network video recording solution

Samsung's SRN-1000 NVR
Samsung's SRN-1000 NVR

Samsung’s SRN-1000 NVR

Samsung has introduced a scalable ‘building block’ network video recording system designed to uncomplicate the process of specifying a video storage solution large enough to meet immediate requirements, but which can be easily expanded if needed in the future.

Samsung’s new ONVIF compliant SRN-1000 NVR provides up to 24TB of on-board video storage capacity and there is the potential of an additional 24TB of storage via two external e-Sata direct storage devices.

An unlimited number of SRN-1000s can work in harmony to provide a seamless server style video recording solution.

“We have taken the mystique and fear out of estimating how much video storage to allow for,” said Tim Biddulph, IP Product Manager for Samsung Techwin Europe Ltd. “Even experienced installers have told us that this can be a very costly mistake if they get it wrong, but it is obviously of particular concern for those who have limited experience of installing Video over IP systems.”

By using a simple calculation chart and by taking into account the frame rate and image resolution requirements for each of the specified cameras; it is a simple matter to calculate how many SRN-1000s will be required for any video surveillance project.

The Linux based SRN-1000 NVR can record at 100MBs, supports H.264, MPEG-4 and  MJPEG compression, and is fully compatible with Samsung Centralised Management Software which enables users from anywhere in the world to have access to live or recorded video via a PC or mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

In addition to Samsung megapixel and HD cameras, the SRN-1000 also supports AXIS, Panasonic and Sony ONVIF compliant cameras.

“Our design engineers have put a lot of thought into how to make this building block solution as installer friendly as possible,” said Tim Biddulph. “For example, as each of the SRN-1000’s eight internal HDDs is installed, they are automatically recognised and added to the recorder and immediately available for recording.”

As is the case with all Samsung professional security products, the SRN-1000 is supplied with full support services from Samsung Techwin Europe Ltd, including free system design, free technical support and a full three-year warranty.


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