Samsung approves competitors’ HDDs to be used in its DVRs

Samsung SRD-1650
Samsung SRD-1650

Samsung SRD-1650

Samsung has approved a wide range of HDDS that can be incorporated into its DVRs, NVRs and storage devices.

The news that HDDs from Hitachi, Seagate and Western Digital have been successfully tested follows the announcement in January that Samsung had reacted positively to the worldwide shortage of HDDs by introducing models which would be supplied without HDDs.

“The decision to offer models without HDDs was based on a desire to give customers the option to independently purchase approved HDDs at a time when all market sectors, and not just the video surveillance industry, has been facing challenges as a result of the limited availability of  HDDs,” said Peter Ainsworth, Senior Product Manager at Samsung Techwin Europe Limited. “The efforts of our design engineers to ensure the compatibility of our DVRs, NVRs and storage devices with a long list of HDDs from a number of different manufactures, means that customers now have more options should they wish to shop around for HDDs.”

To further assist customers, Samsung are offering 500GB, 1TB and 2TB HDD kits which are available through their normal distribution channels.


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