Sales escalate for Redvision’s X-SERIES Dual Light dome camera

Redvision X SERIES Dual LightSales of Redvision’s X-SERIES™ Dual Light, rugged dome camera, which combines IR and white light “super-efficient” LED illumination, have exceeded all expectations. “Dual Light sales already match those of our X-SERIES™ IR rugged dome and the product is not yet a year old!” commented Paul Hucker, Managing Director of UK-based CCTV manufacturer, Redvision. “The super-efficient LEDs we use in the IR and white light modules each have an illumination range of 100m. When demonstrated to end-users, the ability to produce colour images at night, with full facial recognition at 40m, is seen as a huge advantage.”

The X-SERIES™ Dual Light toggles automatically, or manually, between IR and white light modes, producing optimal images in any lighting conditions. “IR lighting is covert, whilst white light is overt. Not only can white light produce usable video images at night, but it can also act as a deterrent or warning to intruders – a feature end users are prepared to pay more for, especially in large residential applications, as it is so effective.”

Pre-defined lighting profiles can be assigned to each of the Dual Light’s 100 preset positions. Lighting strength and type can be adjusted for night-time, day-time or weekend modes.

The Dual Light is designed for safe operation. Its ‘dark-zone’ feature, where white light LEDs are suppressed in pre-defined zones, prevents nuisance or hazardous operation. For example, switching to IR light in public space or transportation applications can avoid dazzling drivers, while the white light can be used to illuminate would-be intruders if required.”

The LED lighting modules only draw 48W of energy altogether. This is similar to a small light bulb and around 5% of the energy consumption of a flood light or a white light PTZ solution. The X-SERIES™ domes’ LEDs last around 6 years, as opposed to the traditional PTZ lamps with a MTBF of 3 months. This reduces site visit frequency, running costs and total cost of ownership.

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