SafeMart delivers first known arrest using wireless motion activated images

SafeMart Home Security Image Sensor capturing burglers in action
SafeMart Home Security Image Sensor capturing burglers in action

SafeMart Home Security Image Sensor capturing burglers in action

SafeMart delivered the first known arrest and criminal conviction using breakthrough wireless motion-activated Image Sensors during the product’s initial launch this summer. Images captured by this revolutionary new device were used in prosecution of the criminal, which resulted in his conviction.

The unique Image Sensor from protects homes and property by working both as a wireless camera and a wireless motion detector. If something triggers the Image Sensor’s motion detector, an alarm is activated and the LiveWatch Security monitoring center is contacted. Simultaneously, snapshots of the criminal that triggered the motion are automatically captured and stored online or sent directly to the customer’s iPhone, iPad, Android or other mobile device.

This is exactly how the Image Sensor came to the aid of a SafeMart employee and customer during the Image Sensor’s testing process.

The employee, who is also a SafeMart customer, had noticed items missing from his garage and decided to install an Image Sensor. During the night, the Image Sensor detected an intruder in the garage and instantly captured images of the thief. Scared off by the alarm system, the burglar escaped the scene of the crime, but not before the Image Sensor took photos of him in the act.

When local police arrived they were provided with photographic evidence of the intruder, whom police identified, tracked down and arrested.

“The new era of wireless home security is exciting,” says SafeMart President Chris Johnson. “Home security is getting more advanced and efficient all the time, which means better protection for the people we serve. In this case, it led to an arrest and peace-of-mind for one of our employees and customers.”

“The Image Sensor is a truly innovative product combining motion and image capture with Interactive Services that gives customers a completely new way of staying connected to their homes,” says VP of Marketing, Jay Kenny. “We are pleased that our technology and SafeMart’s service helped to keep this customer’s home and community safe.”

The new Image Sensor is available from SafeMart as part of a home security system with LiveWatch monitoring, or individually as a wireless accessory.


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Audux to supply head cameras to French Police and Gendarmes

Audax Global Solutions Ltd – a specialist company at the forefront of Body Worn digital evidence gathering technology, today announce that they have been awarded a contract, with their partner company, to supply Body Worn Systems / Head Cameras to the French Police and Gendarmes.

Following a European Competitive Tender and evaluation of numerous products, the Audax Solution, based on the eWitness product, was selected for its superior quality, resilience and innovative features. The Contract is for 2 years and the initial purchase, which Audax are currently in the process of delivering, is for 600 Systems.

Having been involved in the UK pilot for Police use of Headcams in 2005/6, Audax have worked closely with numerous Police Forces and agencies and have had input into the development of the eWitness System which exceeds all the desirable features of the UK Home Office Guidance.

“Our Product is the only system that offers the user the choice and flexibility of being a body cam or a headcam” says Mike Pitt, a Director of Audax “With various mounting options provided; this enables the system to be used in many more scenarios”.

He goes on to say “Our solution can be used by officers on foot, in vehicles, Public Order duties or even on Horseback, with the cameras being adjusted to suit the officer’s role rather than just the chest worn solutions that often have their camera lens being obstructed”. “The solution is built around a solid state HD recorder with an HD Camera and it can record everything the Officer can be expected to see and hear”.

“We are delighted to have been awarded this contract which we believe to be the largest single order of these types of systems from a Police Force in Europe to date”

About The French Ministry of Interior

The Minister of the Interior in France is one of the most important governmental cabinet positions, and is responsible for the following:

  • The general interior security of the country, including the major law-enforcement forces
  • The French National Police
  • The French Gendarmerie


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