Roadshow 2014: The Panomera® Truck is on the Road Again

roadshow 2014

roadshow 2014This year, the roadshow will begin officially on 10 September in Bitburg. There, Dallmeier will join with partner Johanns Systemhaus to present the operational capabilities of the Panomera® live in a car dealership. Then, the road leads north for two stops in Denmark (Copenhagen and Fredericia) before the Truck and the Amarok visit the Security trade fair in Essen for a week. After this, they will travel to Brussels, Paris, Lyon and Lucerne on the way to Munich where the roadshow ends in the middle of October.

The centre of attention will be the new Panomera® models, which will be presented live in the Truck, and which particularly represent the ideal solution for full coverage of large expanses for commercial, industrial and small to midsize enterprises. “The multifocal sensor technology delivers a practicable and cost-efficient solution for many applications for which conventional engineering has failed to provide a solution. That is why in the past an estimated 30 to 40% of projects were never realised at all”, explains Dieter Dallmeier.

This year, the Truck will be “escorted” by the Dallmeier Amarok, which will also serve as a unique platform for presenting a very special solution: mobile video surveillance, with a system that can be set up in an enormous range of circumstances, for temporary use precisely when and where it is needed. The vehicle is fitted with a telescopic mast with built-in Panomera® already installed. The equipment necessary for recording and managing the video images is also available already, in the form of the Smavia Recording Server and the Smavia Viewing Client. Typical areas for use of this mobile solution would be major events such as street demonstrations, political rallies or concerts. This enables streams of visitors to be documented and tracked continuously from transport centres to the event site. The mobile monitoring unit also has a preventative effect, and can help with the investigation of incidents.

Dates & Places
10.09.2014: ​Bitburg, Germany
16.09.2014: ​Copenhagen, Denmark
18.09.2014: ​Fredericia, Denmark
23.-26.09.2014: ​Security Essen, Germany
30.09.2014: ​Brussels, Belgium
02.10.2014: ​Paris, France
07.10.2014: ​Lyon, France
13.10.2014: ​Lucerne, Switzerland
15.10.2014: ​Munich, Germany

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