RIVA® Video Stabilisers Make Blurred Video History

video stabiliser

video stabiliserCameras that are installed on poles or vehicles often provide jittery video streams due to strong wind or, at Speed Domes, high zoom factors.

In order to solve this problem, all RIVA Full HD cameras recently include a video stabiliser software license as a standard feature at no extra costs. In addition, RIVA offers two standalone video stabilisers for analog cameras with D1 resolution of 702×576 pixels.

Both solutions are designed for pole- or vehicle mounted fix cameras or PTZ cameras with a high zoom factor.

video stabiliserWith powerful advanced algorithms, such as the analysis of the image background, burnt-in text and moving objects are ignored automatically.

Furthermore, the video delay is with less than 80 milliseconds, extremely low.

RIVA’s 1 channel video stabilisers, with analog in- and output, are easy to install (Plug and Play) and work smoothly at temperatures between minus 20 and plus 60 degrees Celsius.
Moreover, the model RS1000A includes an automatic fog reduction control and provides clear images even in misty visibility conditions.

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