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Passive to Active Surveillance

Passive to Active SurveillanceEvery year the logistic volume increases constantly. Thus, many logistic companies use surveillance cameras to optimize their processes. Additionally equipped with the special video analytics filters from RIVA, logistic workflows can be supported even better.

The intelligent RIVA cameras can be used in different areas of a logistic center. The filter for removed object detection is often used to monitor warehouses. It detects goods, which are removed from a predefined zone like a special shelf. Thus, you can retrace exactly, who removed which goods from your warehouse at what time. The filter for abandoned objects can be used to monitor areas next to assembly lines. Through that it can be checked, if objects fall down. With the dwell filter you can monitor goods on assembly lines. If one stops, an alarm is triggered and the stoppage can be fixed as soon as possible. You can also find out, if transporters need too much time to load or unload goods. Also the counting filter can be used to monitor loading zones. With that, it can be counted how many transporters leave or run into the logistic center every day. Therefore, it can be checked, if all carriage of goods were send out or received.

In order to monitor control rooms the filter for tailgating detection is helpful. It triggers an alarm, if two objects crossing a virtual line or zone within a pre-defined time frame. Thus, you can ensure that only authorized persons can enter special areas. Another important filter is the filter for auto tracking using pan tilt zoom cameras. Therewith, objects or persons can be tracked automatically or selected manually within a predefined zone. Moreover, to monitor doors and gates the enter/exit filter is perfectly suitable. It triggers an alarm every time a person enters a room. Furthermore, all RIVA full HD cameras are equipped with a WDR function. Thereby, faces of incoming persons are captured clearly, because the WDR function compensates the contrast between the incident sunlight and faces in their own shadow. Meanwhile WDR is a standard requirement for cameras watching at loading docks or other scenes with very bright and dark areas within the field of view.

RIVA´s RC6602HD, RC1202HD and RC4602HD are especially suitable for logistic applications. All these cameras are ONVIF compatible and thus can be integrated in third party logistic management systems without any problems. Furthermore, like in all RIVA devices the video analytics package VCA Presence (tamper protection, motion detection, real time alerts) is integrated as a standard feature at no extra costs.

RC6602HD-5311RIVA´s RC6602HD-5311 full HD IP bullet camera with motorized zoom/focus control can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. Equipped with 34x IR LEDs it provides excellent images even in low light scenes. The IR range is about 25m. Not only VCA Presence but also VCA detect (classification, direction detection and dwell filter) is included as a standard feature.

RC1202HD-5241RIVA´s RC1202HD-6241 2 MP full HD box IP camera was designed for indoor applications but can optionally be equipped with a weatherproof housing for outdoor applications. Due to the variety of available lenses, the camera is extremely flexible in use. Moreover, this camera is equipped with a SONY EXMOR 1/2.9” 1080p CMOS sensor and has a mechanical IR cut filter. Thus, it is ideally suited for day and night usage.

RC4602HD-6416RIVA´s RC4602HD-6416 full HD PTZ speed dome camera with H.264 is available as an indoor and outdoor version. Due to the Stealth Spin®- technology it is one of the most silent PTZ speed domes in the world. Furthermore, the camera offers a 20x optical and 8x digital zoom and includes the auto-tracking function.

In the next part you will get to know, what considerations and notes are needed for an efficient usage of the video analytics.

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