RIVA launches full HD speed dome IP camera

RIVA´s Full HD Speed Dome IP camera for indoor/outdoor applications offers H.264 compression and achieves a frame rate of up to 30 fps at 1080p resolution. The 360° endless rotation speed dome is equipped with intelligent onboard video analytics – powered by VCA Technology – as a standard and can be upgraded by additional filters for individual requirements.

RIVA´s PTZ dome with 20x optical and 8x digital zoom controls pan/tilt speed while zooming. Furthermore, it guarantees high system accuracy, and the Stealth Spin® technology makes RIVA´s Speed Dome RC4202/4602HD to one of the most silent speed domes in the world. The dome allows 255 preset positions, 8 programmable patterns and 8 privacy zones. It additionally offers 2-way audio, WDR, 4 digital inputs/2 digital outputs, ONVIF protocol support. A mechanical IR cut filter makes the Full HD dome camera ideal for ideal day/night usage with capability to expose the camera scene with IR light during night mode.

In combination with an outdoor housing including fan and heater, the PTZ dome is ideal for outdoor applications at operating temperatures between -40°C and +50°C.

www.rivatech.de; info@rivatech.de

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