‘Risky Mobile Business’ revealed by Blancco Technology Group

'Risky Mobile Business' revealed by Blancco Technology Group

‘Risky Mobile Business’ revealed by Blancco Technology Group

Blancco Technology Group (BTG) have recently released a report which reveals that mobile users acknowledge the importance of security, but aren’t taking the right precautions.

Some of the headline findings include:

  • 29 percent of consumers don’t know when personal information has been accessed without their consent.
  • One in three don’t feel safe shopping from their smartphone or tablet and a quarter are hesitant to link credit cards to mobile apps.
  • 25 percent of consumers mistakenly believe deleting sensitive files/folder and locking devices with a passcode are effective ways to protect personal data. Only 5 percent believe installing software to permanently erase data is the best way to safeguard their privacy.

Below is a snapshot of Risky Mobile Business: A Study of Users’ Views on Data Security & Privacy:

“Mobile devices are a critical part of society today; they make up a key component of business infrastructures and they act as a critical data producing and storing tool for consumers. As a result, vast amounts of corporate, customer and employee data that were previously held on servers and laptops are now created, accessed, stored and shared on smartphones and tablets.

Consumer privacy concerns can oftentimes influence and shape when and how a company makes a move into the mobile space. Worst of all, customers’ failure to secure their personal data can sometimes create a nightmare for companies. As a result, some organizations have tried to find a remedy to this problem by bolting on extra security measures onto their customers, such as banks requiring specific connectivity apps or 2FA.

Also, we cannot talk about mobile without acknowledging the delicate balance companies must strike between personalisation and privacy. Nearly every product you can think of today is ‘smart’ and connects to users’ smartphones and tablets. These smart ‘things’ digest and analyse enormous amounts and types of data about our behavioural patterns and usage tendencies and use that data to make the user experience feel as personalised and relevant as possible. Users don’t just expect this personalization; they demand it. However, this doesn’t negate the high level of fear and anxiety consumers have about the safety of their personal information. These insecurities, in turn, make it difficult for companies to scale their business (and the products being marketed to consumers) for long-term adoption and sales growth.”

To read the full report click here.

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