Revader to unveil new rapid re-deployable cameras at DSEI 2013

Tuu in desert

Revader Security will showcase live demonstrations of its new range of PTZ and 360 degree rapid re-deployable cameras to visitors at DSEI 2013.

Revader’s new robust high specification products, which will be on show on stand no: S2-365, are designed to be installed in minutes, are vandal or ballistics resistant and take into account that they quite often may need to be located where no power source exists, which is why the Revader Totem and Transit models can be powered by a 12v battery, whilst Revader’s ‘miniature’ Tuu model utilises PoE (Power over Ethernet). 

DSEI is the world’s largest fully integrated defence and security exhibition. It is anticipated that approximately 28,000 people from 121 countries will attend the exhibition which will take place on 10th-13th September at EXCEL London, to see the latest products and services on offer from 1,400 global defence & security suppliers.


Demand for high specification, rapid re-deployable video solutions continues to grow as defence and security forces, as well as national governments, local authorities and police worldwide, look to work smarter by reacting quickly and effectively to combat activity in criminal & terrorist hotspots.

Both public and private sector organisations are increasingly taking an interest in video solutions which combine image capture, recording, storage and transmission technology in one product and yet can be installed within minutes, unlike traditional CCTV which incurs large infrastructure and maintenance costs. Reflecting this increased demand, Revader Security has introduced five new vandal resistant rapid re-deployable models which collectively provide customers with the choice to capture D1 resolution images via a 36x zoom PTZ camera or HD images with a 360 degree camera.

All models offer the potential for 2TB of video storage, with most being able to offer transmission through WIFI, Ethernet and 3G connectivity.

60360A-0B TOTEM 360 3G WIFI + BAT_2“The timing of DSEI 2013 could not be better as it provides us with a great platform to introduce our new innovative re-deployable video security solutions to specifiers and buyers within key market sectors” said Phil Burns, General Manager of London-based Revader Security. “We anticipate that our 360 degree models will, in particular, attract considerable attention as they can significantly reduce the number of cameras and personnel needed to monitor an area without any blind spots. All models are however provided with all the component parts of a plug and play style re-deployable solution which has the means to record, store and transmit the captured images.”

Revader’s new models utilise the highly reliable Wavestore Linux-based video recording and management software. Users who deploy the 360 degree models can capitalise on the software’s highly acclaimed de-warping capability which provides the ability to create a unique video clip of a moving object, an individual or a group of people.  To track activity, operators can control a virtual PTZ function to zoom, navigate and roam through seamless de-warped video in both recorded and real time. Video clips of an unlimited number of individual events captured in the camera’s entire field of view can then be saved, encrypted, watermarked and exported for evidential purposes within seconds.

A chart showing the comparative features of the five new models can be seen on Revader’s website:


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