Retailers and integrators to benefit from ALL-TAG management buyout

All-TAG Microlabel

A management buyout of ALL-TAG is predicted to increase service levels and provide a wider product range for retailers and integrators.

ALL-TAG, the global manufacturer of anti-theft radio frequency (RF) security tags, RF labels and people counting systems, has been acquired by the management team of its American division, ALL-TAG Security Americas Inc.

The acquisition includes ALL-TAG Security U.K. Ltd and ALL-TAG Security Hong Kong Ltd. and selected assets from the Belgian division, ALL-TAG Security S.A. ALL-TAG Security Americas, Inc., based in Florida, is now the new global headquarters for ALL-TAG and handles the majority of world-wide RF label production, sales and customer service. The UK, Belgian and Hong Kong divisions remain responsible for sales and technical support services in their respective regions and continue to provide an efficient and timely distribution service to customers.

ALL-TAG is the second largest manufacturer of 8.2 MHz-based, RF technology tagging products in the world. Its RF labels are compatible with the electronic article surveillance (EAS) detection systems and label deactivator technology supplied by the world’s leading retail security providers, including Checkpoint Systems, NEDAP, Ketec and many others. The company also designs and produces a wide variety of sensor tags, ideal for clothing and soft goods. These are compatible with both Sensormatic and Checkpoint Systems’ EAS detectors and tag detachers.

ALL-TAG’s 8.2 MHz RF adhesive label production has moved from Belgium to Florida, where it has joined the existing hard-tag and adhesive label (of other frequencies) production facility.

“The American manufacturing facility has been efficiently producing RF Labels since July of 2011.” explained ALL-TAG sales and marketing director, Andy Gilbert. “Adding 8.2 MHz adhesive label production to our portfolio caused no delays to orders, even during the transition. Indeed, not only has efficiency and capacity increased, benefitting customers, but also all tagging products and technologies, previously only available in the Americas, are now available world-wide.

“The investment made by our American management team demonstrates the commitment and confidence we have in the on-going success of ALL-TAG. Our efficient manufacturing facility and wider product range, coupled with our well-established pre and post-sales support infrastructure in the UK, Hong Kong, Belgium and America, are helping us grow in new and existing channels. Everything is in place to ensure that ALL-TAG goes from strength to strength.”

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