Research shows Pubwatch schemes key to combatting alcohol-related crime

national-pubwatchNational Pubwatch claims pubs across the UK can continue to make big strides in tackling crime and disorder by working closely with the police and local authorities.

New research conducted on behalf of the organisation by Leeds Metropolitan University and published in The Publican’s Morning Advertiser found that pubwatch schemes play a crucial part in reducing alcohol-related violence.

National Pubwatch is the voluntary organisation which supports existing pubwatch schemes and aims to encourage the creation of new groups to reduce alcohol-related crime.

Pubwatch schemes are partnerships were licensees work together, in collaboration with local authorities and supported by the police, to improve security for customers and staff by combating crime and anti-social behaviour in licensed premises.

The research assessed the impact the pubwatch schemes have had on crime reduction and safety and 1,000 licensees together with almost 200 local councillors and police representatives were surveyed by the University.

Almost two-thirds of respondents claimed their local pubwatch contributed to a decrease in alcohol-related violence both within their premises and the local area, with 80 per cent agreeing the scheme helped fashion a safer drinking environment and 59 per cent stating the amount of anti-social behaviour in their premises and the local area had decreased as a result.

Some 85 per cent agreed the scheme helps improve partnerships with local authorities and the police and 89 per cent of those surveyed agreed they would remain a member and back pubwatch for the foreseeable future.

Steve Baker, chairman of National Pubwatch, said: “This has been a comprehensive piece of research and it shows that, when the pub trade works closely with the police and other agencies, it can have a significant impact on crime and disorder issues.

“The pubwatch movement has a major part to play in creating safer drinking environments and as a result of this report we will re-double our efforts to support local schemes.”

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