Reliance High-Tech wins contract to secure 40,000 NHS lone workers

reliance-high-tech-logoFollowing the conclusion of a full retender process Reliance High-Tech has retained its Framework Agreement with the NHS to protect staff across the UK with its market leading lone worker protection solution, Reliance Protect.

Since the award of the original contract in 2009, over 40,000 NHS staff that work alone have signed up to the service providing them with immediate back up and support in the event they experience a verbal or physical threat during the course of their working day.

The new framework, which is also available to any public sector organisation, offers a range of the latest lone worker devices that link to the dedicated and BS 5979 Category II approved Reliance Monitoring Centre using GSM, SMS and GPS technology.  When activated, trained Reliance Protect operators listen to and capture everything that takes place during an incident, and respond appropriately — including calling out the emergency services, alerting colleagues/supervisors and archiving recordings as evidence for any legal action.  For a fixed monthly all-inclusive fee, the Reliance Protect solution comprises a device or smartphone application, 24/7 manned monitoring and helpdesk, face-to-face training at customer sites across the UK, all airtime and comprehensive customer management support and reporting.

Dan Thomas, Sales and Marketing Director, Reliance High-Tech, said: “We are delighted to have retained the contract, which demonstrates our commitment to unrivalled service levels and lower all-inclusive pricing. We’ve responded to NHS staff and management as well as other public sector users including probation, housing associations and local authorities to offer a wider range of devices suitable for a variety of working practices and environments.”

The clear and tangible features of the new NHS Framework Agreement include:

  • Cost effective and affordable solutions – Lower fixed and all-inclusive monthly pricing available from £7.89 a month.
  •  The latest technology – A variety of feature rich and BS 8484 compliant devices including the Identicom™ Series 8 range featuring one or two-way audio, latest GPS technology, temperature sensors, and man-down functionality. In addition, smartphone applications provide a cost-effective solution for lower risk staff that infrequently work alone.
  • Improved reporting – Improved web based tools enable NHS management to run comprehensive custom reports to help Trusts maximise usage levels.
  • Enhanced management support – Supporting the dedicated account team, the 24/7/365 help desk maintains a flexible and proactive approach to managing contracts within the monthly fixed fee.  Reassigning devices is quick and easy, keeping to a minimum the time users are without service while the online portal enables quicker access to additional and enhanced administration services and support.
  • BS8484 accreditation  – Ensures alarms are escalated to the police services, where warranted, through the new dedicated police lone worker Unique Reference Number (URN) system, guaranteeing those alarms are passed to the police in the shortest time possible.
  • Market leading service performance levels – Continuously measured and analysed by the NHS, the Reliance Protect service meets stringent service levels set against strict performance criteria.  This ensures Reliance operates to the highest performance levels across the lone worker service sector.

Nick Martin, Security Management Area Manager, NHS Protect, commented, “With the help and support of the Reliance Protect team and through regular surveys we have listened to our 40,000 users.  The new NHS framework agreement offers lower prices, improved flexibility and increased safety and security.”

Chris Allcard, Head of Lone Worker Services, Reliance High-Tech, also added, “The NHS ran a highly visible and stringent tendering process and Reliance Protect impressed in terms of service, technology, processes and personnel.  The tendering process, new benefits and pricing, and our track record mean any public sector body can access Reliance Protect with confidence.”

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