Redware unveil new Redsource release at Learning Technologies 2013

Redware is pleased to announce the unveiling of a major update to Redsource at Learning Technologies 2013. With improvements to the existing platform and all new features, the latest release of Redsource is taking mobile journeys even further for enterprises everywhere. The new release will be available for demo at the two-day show on the 29th-30th January 2013.

The new release of Redsource gives enterprises and their users more tools to manage their mobile journey, coupled with improvements to the overall user experience. Here are the highlights:

•     Improvements to the user interface, navigation around the store and improvements to colour contrast. Redsource has never looked this good.

•     Improvements to offline access, now featuring an offline mode. When a device loses connectivity, it will automatically switch to offline mode.

•     Synced content – Users are prompted on login to sync new content, favourites are now synced across all devices and content is downloaded to a device based on what has been viewed and downloaded on another.

•     Language – New languages can now be added to Redsource without the need to issue a new version; users can also now specify the language they would like to view the store in.

•     Wi-Fi & 3G – Administrators can now specify if an individual piece of content should be downloaded over Wi-Fi only and users can choose whether Redsource should download when on 3G.

The release represents a significant move forward for Redsource, which was launched at WOLCE in October 2012. Since then, the platform has evolved to add a greater set of tools for the enterprise looking at mobile.  André Wigley, CEO of Redware, comments:

“It’s a really exciting time for Redsource! Since its release only last year Redsource has generated so much interest and now, with the release of version two, I am convinced it will help people change the way they see mobile. The innovative thinking of the team and the commitment to making a revolutionary mobile platform has been outstanding. Everyone at Redware thinks mobile, which has greatly contributed to the success of the platform”

Redware will be showcasing the new release of Redsource at Learning Technologies 2013 on the 29th-30th January. Everyone is invited to come and see the new release at stand 155 throughout the two-day event. André Wigley will also be presenting on the future of mobile on the second day of the event.

Also announced, training now included

As if that wasn’t big enough news, Redware are also excited to now offer learning content available on both Redsource and Redware LMS. The training courses, aimed at first-line and senior managers, focus on people management, management mentoring and employment law, with other courses available that include health & safety.

With ready made course content covering core subjects, businesses who have Redsource or Redware LMS can now take advantage of course content preloaded onto either platform, leaving learning and development teams to develop the specialist content unique to their business. Emily Wigley, Managing Director at Redware, concludes:

“One of the biggest commitments faced when looking at eLearning is the creation of content. By offering ready made learning material covering core subjects, we are allowing businesses to focus on creating the specialist content unique to their own business. ”


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