Redvision’s X-Series dome cameras offer unique functionality

Redvision X Series camera
Redvision X Series on square section tower

Redvision X Series on square section tower

Redvision, the UK-based manufacturer of the X-SERIES™ dome cameras, has responded to customer feedback to develop its unique, pre-set and tour technology. Camera focus and colour or mono IR modes can be pre-determined for each pre-set position, providing optimum operational performance. These parameters can be set according to time of day, week days and weekends and day or night. The X-SERIES™ has up to eight tours composed of up to 100 pre-sets, making this functionality very powerful. The day / night parameter can also command the X-SERIES™ to select the colour or mono IR mode based on ambient lighting levels, rather than adjusting automatically for each pre-set.

“We have found that in town centres at night, the dome performs best if it remains in colour mode as it pans between well-lit and dark areas, rather than adjusting automatically,” explains Paul Hucker, Managing Director of Redvision. “However, in other applications defining pre-set parameters in advance means the dome reaches a pre-set position during a tour or following an alarm, in correct focus and light mode. In both these cases, no vital evidence is missed due to autofocus and auto-light level switching delays.”

PIR alarm activations will drive the X-SERIES™ dome to a pre-set position. However, alarm bells or sirens can be overridden if they happen on week days, weekends or during specified times.

Paul Hucker again, “This alarm override function is exceptionally useful for applications that have different activity patterns during the week and weekends or during the day and at night. In a recent school application, for example, tours cover staff and public areas during the day. Week day nights and weekend tours cover the perimeter fence, buildings, doors and windows, with each pre-set within the tour having its ideal focus and lighting mode. PIR activations are disabled during school hours, to avoid continuous alerts from the students and automatically reactivate after 4:00.”

Educational establishments, offices, public buildings, museums and prisons are just a few of the places that can benefit from this level of intelligent functionality.


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