Redvision’s X-SERIES cameras use flat window to optimise performance

Redvision X-SERIES Camera
Redvision X-SERIES Camera

Redvision X-SERIES Camera

The X-SERIES™ cameras from UK-based expert dome manufacturer, Redvision, feature a flat window in front of the camera module.

Paul Hucker, Managing Director of Redvision, explains the significance of this simple design concept. “The prime reason for using a flat window in front of the camera module within the X-SERIES™ cameras is to make it optically correct. The more common “bubble” or hemispherical plastic cover found in most dome designs is much harder to make accurate. We are able to make the window from glass, not plastic, which is more transparent, maximising the performance and reducing the optical distortion of the camera modules we use, especially in low lighting conditions. For 18x optical zoom modules, the difference between the glass window and a bubble is less importnat. However, now 28x optical zoom modules are more common-place, with even larger zoom modules available and in development, the additional clarity and transparency of the flat glass is critical.”

“The flat glass window in the X-SERIES™ also enables us to add a wiper very easily, essential for most external applications in the UK where rain can affect visibility! The window is scratch resistant and in the format we have developed, allows the dome to look 10° above horizontal in pendant mount applications, increasing application opportunities.”

The X-SERIES™ camera range includes high performance, Super Lo-Lux, day/night and night-vision cameras in 18x and 28x optical zoom options. The night-vision X-SERIES™ camera has built-in infra-red lights and a 100 metre night time range (850nm wavelength). All X-SERIES™ cameras are available with or without a wiper.

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