Redvision offers free repair

Redvision’s service centre provides free estimates for repairing or reconditioning used X-SERIES™ PTZ dome cameras.
The estimating service applies to all Redvision X-SERIES™ cameras, irrespective of their age or supplier. Subsequent repairs or reconditioning to the current specification and return to the customer are usually completed within a week.
“The estimation service is free, to encourage installers to return faulty cameras to Redvision and not to an unqualified, third party repair centre,” explained Paul Hucker, Managing Director of Redvision.

“It avoids unnecessary or irreversible damage to the cameras, which we sometimes see with repairs by untrained engineers. Warranty repairs are free and we provide the chargeable, out-of-warranty, repair estimates to installers within 48 hours.
“Even including a 24 hour soak test for all serviced camera modules, the X-SERIES™ is still back with the installer within the week in most cases. The majority of service repairs are for replacing worn parts; inevitable for a product which is often used continuously.”
Each X-SERIES™ is re-conditioned to the current Redvision build and software standards. All the parts used have a 3 year warranty and are Redvision-approved and manufactured. New seals are fitted with every service, to maintain the IP67 rating, and each camera is pressure tested to ensure seal integrity.

The service department is overseen by Malcolm Procter, who has over 20 years CCTV engineering experience and expertise and was actively involved in the development of the X-SERIES™. Every X-SERIES™ has thorough traceability, including build-version, assembly procedures and the operatives responsible for assembly. This ensures the highest quality assurance standards are met with a complete audit trail.”

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