Redvision launches X-SERIES Dual Light dome

Dual Light in white light mode and target at 30m

The new Redvision X-SERIES™ Dual Light dome / ball PTZ camera, which combines IR and white light LED illumination, is the ultimate camera for night-time performance. Tests were conducted in total darkness, using an industry-standard NORMAN target from Tavcom, positioned 30m away from the camera in white light mode. Redvision could successfully demonstrate that not only can the entire scene be illuminated but also facial recognition in full-colour is easily achieved when the camera is zoomed in.

Dual Light with IR and white light off

“The illumination range of the Dual Light’s LEDs is 100m, irrespective of whether the camera is in IR or white light mode.” explains Paul Hucker, Managing Director of UK-based CCTV manufacturer, Redvision. “In IR mode, the Dual Light operates in black and white and in white light mode it switches to colour mode. This means the Dual Light can toggle between lighting modes automatically, with equal effect, to suit ambient lighting conditions, for covert or overt operation or for producing black and white or colour images. Specific IR and white light settings can also be designated to each of the Dual Light’s 100 presets, whether in night-time, day-time or weekend modes. With up to 8 tours of up to 100 presets each, the user options are almost endless!

“Light mode selection is as much about the deterrent effect of white light and its effectiveness in warning away intruders, as it is about producing high-quality colour images in poor ambient lighting conditions. However, our tests confirmed that we can produce evidential quality colour images with the Dual Light, at night, using white light LEDs, over a considerable range.”Contact





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