Redvision launches the RVX range of power supply units

Redvisions RVX Range
Redvisions RVX Range

Redvisions RVX Range

Redvision has launched the RVX range of power supply units, adding even smarter functionality to its X-SERIES™ dome / ball PTZ cameras.

The UK-based manufacturer is offering three levels of PSU. The RVX-PSU includes advanced lightening protection for both video and RS485 communication lines. The latter has diagnostic LEDs to provide engineers with RS485 status feedback for fast and simple installation.

The RVX-PSU-ALM-16 adds 16 alarm inputs (NO or NC) and three relay alarm outputs (Alarm, Wash and Aux.) to the RVX functionality. Paul Hucker, Managing Director of Redvision explains, “Up to 16 alarms can link to each video channel, activating pre-sets and tours in the X-SERIES™, whilst only using up one alarm input within the CCTV control system. The PSU also enables alarms to be masked between pre-determined times. This allows PIR activations in school or office applications, during working hours, for example, to be registered but disregarded. Outside working hours, they can automatically switch back into active alarm mode, triggering the Aux. output relay on alarm. The Wash relay we have added allows cleaning fluid to be squirted on the X-SERIES™ camera window in a pre-set position, enhancing the effectiveness of the wipers.”

The RVX-PSU-ALM-16-W allows the 16 alarm inputs to be a combination of wired or wireless connections. This increases installation speed and flexibility and also enables wireless PIRs to trigger alarms on multiple domes.

Each RVX-PSU comes in an IP66 weatherproof box, with pre-installed cable glands, pluggable terminal blocks and BNC connectivity. Input power can range from 110 to 240Vac delivering 24Vdc 60VA to the dome.


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