Redvision introduces new extension bracket for its X-SERIES™ PTZ cameras

Redvision X-SERIES wall-mounted extension bracket
Redvision X-SERIES wall-mounted extension bracket

Redvision X-SERIES wall-mounted extension bracket

The new, wall-mount extension bracket from Redvision allows installers to fix X-SERIES™ dome / ball PTZ cameras 500mm away from a wall surface. The X-SERIES™ cameras can be mounted in either upright or pendant configurations and when used in conjunction with a corner adapter, offers even greater installation flexibility.

“The wall-mount extension bracket solves many camera mounting issues faced by installers,” explains Paul Hucker, Managing Director of UK-based CCTV manufacturer, Redvision. “Building interiors and exteriors can have any number of complex window, door and roof details, canopies or cladding, or structural designs which can impede a camera’s view. Whether it’s a historic house or a modern industrial unit, the extension bracket allows the X-SERIES™ cameras to be mounted clear of most obstructions. When used with the corner adapter, the X-SERIES™ camera is far enough from a building to have a clear line of sight along both walls.”

The wall-mount extension bracket is made from steel, with a die-cast aluminium dome / ball PTZ socket. It comes with a 4 metre flying lead for simple installation.

“Our factory is designed and set-up to produce the extension in any RAL colour, with white as standard. We can adapt the bracket to increase or decrease its length, or even change the angle of its elbow for particular applications.”

The wall-mount extension bracket model number is RV-EXT-WALL and the corner mount is RV-EXT-CNR.



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