Redvision develops extreme weather accessory for its X-SERIES cameras

Redvision X-SERIES
Redvision X-SERIES with new VISOR

Redvision X-SERIES with new VISOR

Redvision, the UK-based manufacturer of the X-SERIES™ dome / ball PTZ camera, has developed VISOR, an optional accessory for extra protection against weather extremes. VISOR acts as a sun-shield in bright, sunny conditions yet also keeps driving rain and snow off the camera in bad weather.

Paul Hucker, Managing Director of Redvision explains, “VISOR fits to pedestal mounted X-SERIES™ cameras, protecting them from the sun and rain. The pedestal mounted cameras are usually fitted to poles and towers in CCTV systems, and are therefore often very exposed to the elements. In bright, sunny applications VISOR not only shades the camera, keeping it cooler, but it also reduces glare in the camera. This is especially useful because the X-SERIES™ is designed with enough tilt movement to look above the horizon, one of its unique selling points.

“The VISOR also helps to keep driving rain and snow off the camera window. Although we have a built-in wiper, VISOR allows users to reduce the frequency of wipes required, reducing scene obstruction.”

The X-SERIES™ camera range includes high performance, Super Lo-Lux, day/night cameras with 18x and 28x optical zoom options. The night-vision camera options have built-in, infra-red lights with a 100 metre night-time range (850nm wavelength). All are available with and without a wiper and can be produced to order in any RAL colour reference.

Each X-SERIES™ camera has 100 programmable presets, 8 tours, 24 programmable privacy zones, multiple alarm options and can withstand extreme operating temperatures from -35º to +50ºC.


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