Reduce power consumption with Redvision’s X-SERIES

Redvision RVX28 with IR
Redvision RVX28 with IR

Redvision RVX28 with IR

The X-SERIES™ cameras, from UK-based expert dome manufacturer Redvision, have very low running costs. The X-SERIES™ dome draws just 48W, so its power consumption is similar to that of a small light bulb. Many CCTV systems have PTZ heads using over 1000W or include flood-lights, which draw even more power.

Paul Hucker, Managing Director of Redvision, explains, “Our low running costs result from using IR light, not white light, with our domes. This means the running costs of using the X-SERIES™ will be 5% those of using flood-lights or PTZ heads. In monetary terms, the cost drops to around £30 from £600 a year per light. We also find that we are replacing more than one light with each X-SERIES™ dome installed, so the cost savings can be even greater. Another factor to consider is that the mean time before failure (MTBF) for a PTZ halogen lamp is around 2000 hours (3 months) compared with the X-SERIES™ LEDs at 50,000 hours (six years). All those lamp changes require expensive site visits!”

The recession has driven demand for economical solutions. Local authorities and many other market sectors now select products based on total cost of ownership (TCO), where the product’s capital and operational costs are considered. Paul again, “We have a high-performance product range, so the X-SERIES™ will never be cheap, but because running costs are so low, we win projects on TCO. Indeed, the return on investment of using the X-SERIES™ for some applications can be just a few months! The IR lighting option in the X-SERIES™ can eliminate the need for wasteful site lighting, reduce running costs and a site’s carbon footprint.”


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