RedCop rapid deployment CCTV system launched by Redvision at IFSEC 2013

REDCOP_2Redvision is using IFSEC 2013 to launch the RedCop rapid deployment CCTV system, an immediate surveillance solution for any site, however remote.

Redcop is ideal for temporary or semi-permanent CCTV applications. It comprises a Redvision X-SERIES™ Dual-Light rugged dome camera, optimised for low-light conditions, mounted on top of a 6m telescopic tower. Four static, 2MP IP cameras provide continuous site coverage and Genesis wireless PIR detectors sense site movements or intrusion. Audio functionality allows operators to communicate with site visitors or warn off intruders.

REDCOP_1The Dual-Light will zoom in to detected incidents and produce detailed, close-up, high-quality video images. Its combination of infra-red and white-light illumination ensures clear night time operation, with full scene illumination at up to 100m and facial recognition at 40m. In white-light mode, RedCop can be used to spotlight then track intruders, making it highly effective as a crime deterrent.

RedCop is simple to install and its heavy duty design makes it extremely robust and stable. RedCop transmits using 3G IP wireless communications and can be monitored directly using the industry-standard IMMIX control software. Its compact design means RedCop fits comfortably into a transit van for transportation. On site it is easily maneuvered into position by one person and its wheels can be removed as an anti-vandal measure. The telescopic tower is first extended horizontally, before being raised to the vertical using a hydraulic ram. The PIR detectors can be tower-mounted or positioned around the site for maximum intruder detection.

RedCop operates using site power, but has a built-in battery back-up which provides full operation for up to 72 hours.


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