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At today’s BT Redcare event in London, the communications and security giant launched Redcare View. Redcare View is a flexible, one-stop, end-to-end video surveillance solution. It’s designed to support you in delivering CCTV surveillance in the most cost-effective way over one of the UK’s most trusted security networks. Redcare View puts you in control; viewing footage in real time helps you minimise both your response times and the impact of the issue.

Redcare View offers the anytime, anywhere flexibility of a wireless surveillance solution backed up by the reliability of BT’s network and infrastructure – delivering a reliable, secure (AES 256 encrypted) and resilient surveillance solution to you. Redcare View gives you: the ability to put cameras where you need them without the need for fixed connectivity; a secure and resilient network gateway to your cameras; the means to stream video over a wireless connection at an affordable cost to your control room as well as to mobile devices; and the ability to edge record high-quality images.

Redcare View stands out

  • A truly end-to-end wireless surveillance solution.
  • Live streaming across all bandwidths, with high-quality images even at ultra-low bandwidths.
  • Access to the largest wi-fi network via BT Wi-fi hotspots.
  • Edge image recording removes the need for continuous streaming.
  • Managed end-to-end service with full sight of all costs before you sign up.

Rapid, reliable coverage where you need it

The Redcare View platform gives you access to BT’s trusted wi-fi network as the default network for this service. With over 5.2 million hotspots, BT Wi-fi is the largest UK wi-fi network and it’s still growing.

If you’re not near a BT Wi-fi hotspot, Redcare View switches to 3G/4G mobile for smooth, continuous coverage. Or you have the option to extend your existing Redcare fibre network using the Redcare View solution, making the most of your existing infrastructure and giving you greater flexibility.

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Redcare View Your complete wireless surveillance solution

The Redcare View Minicam is a wireless, outdoor CCTV camera. It’s quick and easy to install, and suitable for many surveillance applications. It means you can put your cameras where you need them, rather than being limited to a wired communication network. To further reduce your costs, built-in edge recording removes the need for continuous streaming.

Used to connect existing or new CCTV cameras to the Redcare View solution, it’s suitable for a wide range of environments and applications, including: public safely, transportation and policing. It also offers edge-based recording and encryption.

Camera App
Available on Android and iOS, it turns your smart device into a live-streaming video camera so you can share live CCTV images securely with your organisation, whenever and wherever you are.

Watch App
Available on Android and iOS, this app turns your smart device into a live-streaming monitor, giving you secure access and control of your CCTV assets, anytime, anywhere.

Control Centre
A Windows PC app that gives you a secure, mini CCTV control room. You get easy access, efficient monitoring, and a user-friendly, intuitive, graphical interface.

Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK)
Perfect for urban environments, the rapid deployment kit provides high-quality recording and is easy for operational officers to use. It has an IP66 pan/tilt/zoom camera, integrated batteries, on-board evidential recording, and real-time, low bandwidth video streaming.

The leading edge technology, originally developed for the military, maintains covert, round-the-clock surveillance. It’s quick to install and very robust, plus the battery-powered, remote detection and classification ground sensors can be integrated with the Redcare View Minicam to add acoustic perimeter detection.

A compact and self-contained device used for receiving Redcare View video streams and showing them on a separate display monitor. Operators have remote control of surveillance with the use of an attached keyboard and pan/tilt/zoom control.

Software Development Kit (SDK)
The Redcare View SDK integrates Redcare View into third party security solutions.

Why BT Redcare?

The reassurance of experience

  • We have delivered video transmission and security solutions across all sectors – from parish councils, to train operators to police forces nationwide – as well as protecting the BT Estate for over 25 years.
  • We are a leading supplier of local authority CCTV transmission systems in the UK.
  • We’re present in over 80 per cent of the UK’s public authority control rooms, supporting real-time CCTV,

ANPR and CCTV storage solutions.

  • Our video networks carry over half a million video images per second – that’s over 43 billion per day.

Peace-of-mind support

  • Our round-the-clock helpdesk means there’s always someone to help should something crop up.
  • We aim to respond to faults in less than five hours.

The reliability of stability

  • Our financial stability means your investment is safe and you can comfortably make long-term decisions.

If you are interested in learning more call BT Redcare free on 0800 011 3119* or email

* Calls are free to this number from BT landlines and BT payphones. However, they are not free to call from mobile phones – the costs will vary between service providers.

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