Reading train station first to benefit from IP based surveillance

Reading Train Station
Reading Train Station

Reading Train Station

Reading train station is set to become the first station in the UK to benefit from HD TV quality IP-based surveillance. Network Rail has awarded Certificates of Acceptance to a range of IP cameras from Axis Communications to significantly improve coverage at the station and provide a safer environment for rail staff and customers.

Reading station’s new IP-based CCTV surveillance system is currently being rolled out as part of a complete station redevelopment programme to accommodate more trains, new platforms, fewer delays and a much improved train station.

As one of the busiest stations in the UK outside of London, with more than 14 million passengers travelling through annually, Network Rail was keen to improve the overall coverage of the entire site by using megapixel cameras to enable larger scenes to be monitored than had previously been possible with analogue solutions. To achieve this, Network Rail invited a number of manufacturers to take part in a trial to assess a range of IP cameras.

Explaining Network Rail’s reasons for selecting Axis cameras following the trial, Raul Marquez, a senior project engineer for Network Rail

said: “We analysed footage of customers passing through the ticket barriers and very quickly realised that by using just two megapixel cameras from Axis we were able to see far wider coverage of the station.

“Axis worked closely with us throughout the trial period and recommended a range of cameras suitable for our varying needs. We chose Axis cameras as they provide excellent image quality and a breadth of coverage that analogue cameras are just unable to achieve.

“Axis cameras are also extremely easy to install which in a station is a real plus point as cameras can be relocated very quickly and easily if the need arises. These cameras are also a greener option as they use less power than our previous analogue CCTV system and are simpler to maintain.

“Essentially, once the roll out is complete, surveillance at this station will be excellent and will help create a safer environment for both our customers and staff.”

Phil Doyle, regional director, Northern Europe, Axis Communications

said: “Reading will be the first train station in the UK to realise the full benefits offered by IP-based surveillance.

“We have worked with Network Rail to provide them with real-time access to live and recorded images in HDTV quality.

“On completion of the camera roll out, Reading station will boast one of the most sophisticated surveillance systems in the UK’s transportation sector which will be easy to maintain and add to for many years to come.”

The cameras are being rolled out as each new platform is constructed and the full deployment is expected to be completed by April 2013.


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