Raytec’s LED’s safeguard various Pakistani industrial sites

Pakistani Industrial and Training Site
Pakistani Industrial and Training Site

Pakistani Industrial and Training Site

Infra-Red and White-Light LED lighting technology from Raytec has been deployed at various industrial sites and training institutions in Pakistan as part of a landmark perimeter security upgrade.

The lighting schemes were designed and managed by Pakistani integrated security solutions provider Technology Windows Enterprises, Rawalpindi. A large number of RAYMAX Infra-Red and RAYLUX White-Light LED illuminators were installed at the security perimeter, to improve the quality and effectiveness of CCTV surveillance at the sites.

The Infra-Red illuminators now enable the CCTV systems to produce the highest quality monochrome images at night, at a long range of up to 200m+ with zero light pollution. Used in conjunction with the IR, the White-Light illuminators are connected to external triggers to provide a visible deterrent to potential intruders.

“The sites were suffering from poor CCTV images” explains Aleem Siddiqui, CEO of Technology Windows. “The images were very good during daylight, but were not as sharp or clear as they needed to be at night. Without good light the effectiveness of CCTV is significantly compromised, giving advantage to potential attackers”.

As well as delivering better images, the savings offered by Raytec was also a very important factor for the customer. The extremely low power consumption of the Raytec LED illuminators deliver significant energy and running cost savings compared to traditional lighting.

It wasn’t just a question of energy-efficiency, which is very important given the ever-rising electricity tariffs in Pakistan, but the further savings due to the high performance, long life (minimum of ten years) and zero maintenance nature of the LED illuminators. “Infrastructure costs of installing and maintaining systems using old lighting technology are often high. Having fewer, longer life, high quality lights which illuminated the area very efficiently, proved much more attractive to the customer, rather than installing a greater number of cheaper, shorter life units that didn’t work as well, and had high maintenance and replacement costs.”

Three alternative lighting ranges from different manufacturers were tested and compared at the start of the project – including Raytec. In these trials the Raytec products were found to be significantly more effective than competitors. “The decision to install Raytec illuminators was taken after a thorough cost/benefit analysis,” explains Aleem Siddiqui. “It demonstrated that investing in higher quality technology at the beginning would soon deliver significant savings in energy, running costs and maintenance – the customer was not interested in false economies.”

Following the success of the installation, Technology Windows Enterprises is expecting more Raytec CCTV lighting upgrades to follow in the region. These include a number multi-kilometre perimeter projects which will benefit from the long range illumination offered by Raytec lighting.


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