Raytec launch new additions to their RAYMAX range

Raytec Platinum range
Raytec Platinum range

Raytec Platinum range

The newest addition to Raytec’s RAYMAX range of PLATINUM™ high power Infra-Red LED illuminators is the RM300-PLT-AI-5. The RM300-PLT-AI-5 is specifically designed for very long range lighting where achieving long distances is crucial.

The RM300-PLT-AI-5 is Raytec’s longest range illuminator and delivers ultra-long range illumination up to 700m with a highly focussed 5° beam spread. The RM300-PLT-AI-5 is the perfect solution for distance critical applications such as border surveillance, port surveillance and protection of critical infrastructure, achieving 1000m+ with only 2 units.

Our 1,000m IR illuminators are a real alternative to thermal imaging cameras for border protection or long distance surveillance. With Infra-Red illumination security professionals can not only detect threats, but unlike thermal cameras, IR can be used to identify intruders and pick out details such as facial features or clothing, says David Lambert, Sales and Marketing Director of Raytec.

The RM300-PLT-AI-5 utilizes state of the art surface mount PLATINUM™ LED technology, and active LED life control to increase security and improve the performance of any CCTV system, providing crisp, clear, even images at extreme distances during the hours of darkness. All Raytec illuminators deliver low power consumption, long life, low running costs and are provided with an industry leading 5 year warranty.

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