Raytec Infra-Red lighting aids new drowning detection system

Raytec IR saves lives

Raytec IR saves lives

Raytec IR saves lives

Raytec Infra-Red lighting is playing a crucial role saving lives in a computer-aided drowning detection system from specialist French security integrator Poseidon, described as ‘the lifeguard’s third eye that never blinks’.

‘The Poseidon System’ uses RAYMAX IR technology in conjunction with a network of overhead and underwater cameras, allowing crisp, clear, deep underwater images of swimmers to be captured and continuously analysed, maintaining constant pool surveillance. Without specialist IR lighting, the cameras couldn’t penetrate the water – even in daylight. The system has been so successful it has been installed in countless swimming pools around the world in the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, the USA, Japan and Australia.

“Poseidon is proving itself as the benchmark for computer-aided drowning detection systems – it monitors swimmers’ trajectories and can alert lifeguards in seconds if a swimmer is in trouble” explains Engineering and Operations Manager Mohamed Letaief. “Raytec’s Infra-Red illumination is essential because it allows the system to capture the high quality image that it needs to work.”

“RAYMAX illuminators are the go-to choice of surveillance professionals for applications where reliability and continuous performance are paramount”, says David Lambert Raytec’s Sales and Marketing Director. “The rugged units provide long life, require zero maintenance, and are IP66 rated making them perfectly suited to the environment as they resist corrosion while deliver the outstanding performance and reliability needed when lives are at stake”.

The RM200-AI-50 illuminators chosen deliver up to 180 degrees of illumination from one unit, allowing the cameras to monitor a wide field of view without the need for multiple light fittings; increasing safety without increasing cost. In addition, because the IR light is invisible to the human eye it does not disturb the swimmers or spoil their experience of using the pool.

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