Raytec design IR for the Pelco Esprit

Raytec Pelco Esprit

Raytec Pelco Esprit

Raytec Pelco Esprit

Raytec have launched RAYMAX ESP, a range of illuminators purpose designed to work in conjunction with the Pelco Esprit, the world’s leading camera positioning system. Allowing the Esprit to achieve high quality night-time images up to 100m in total darkness, the RAYMAX ESP units have been approved by Pelco, who engineered a specific version of Esprit to house the new illuminators (specific IR Lighting SMR model # 1-1GA103).

RAYMAX ESP units are powered directly from the Esprit, through the slip ring and fitted to the Esprit with a purpose designed bracket – allowing for continuous 360° rotation with and delivering illumination perfectly matched to the camera’s field of view. The RAYMAX ESP units enhance the performance of the Pelco Esprit providing excellent night-time images in the most challenging environments up to a distance of 100m (328ft) when 2 illuminators are used, 1 positioned either side of the camera.

Colour matched to Esprit, the RAYMAX ESP range features an integrated photocell for automatic operation and full 24 hour surveillance, as well as Command and Control™ technology for user defined set-up, providing power adjust and photocell adjust capability. All RAYMAX ESP illuminators provide long life, low running costs and ultra low maintenance.

“Both Raytec and Pelco are leaders in their respective fields, and the new night-vision solution integrating RAYMAX ESP with the Pelco Esprit delivers world leading night-time images from a camera positioning system. Our solution offers all the benefits of integrated lighting: continuous rotation and lighting targeted where required; but avoids problems associated with building the IR into the camera housing itself such as glare, internal reflection and problems with thermal management”, says Shaun Cutler, Managing Director or Raytec.

When used together, the Esprit and RAYMAX-ESP illuminators provide the perfect solution for night-time surveillance.


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